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Welcome to, where I have not only my own little place on the web - but an entire street.

This page is currently fulfilling it's objective - to have a lander for this domain, which has been otherwise unutilized for the many years I've owned. That said, I may finally decide to do something interesting with this domain - so consider this website in a state of "ongoing construction", with more enticing stuff coming soon (phrasing, boom!).


It seems that the majority of conversations eventually involve a line of questioning regarding where one works and what one's work entails. When you're work is a combination of building & running sole proprietorships, multi-industry freelancing & contracting, and otherwise engaged in a boundless sundry projects (where "personal" and "professional" labels merge or change intermittently), this can be a difficult conversation to navigate. One can can either earnestly launch into a description of their current work; which is usually met with confusion or boredom (the latter more contemptable than the former), and could take hours to simply summarize.

There are countless titles to choose from for this type of work, such as the always-in-style title of "entrepreneur", which still gets met with the main questions from above. However, I've decided to utilize the title of "solutions man" for these conversations. When prompted for further information, I respond with "I take a problem, and solve it. That's that." After all, that's what we do (by "we" I refer to entrepreneurs, hackers, developers, creators, producers, etc). And unless the person I'm conversing with could become a potential client, then they nor I would likely benefit from further elaboration.

Besides, I can always direct those who are curious to my online portfolio - and here said portfolio is. It consists of stock photos that have nothing to do with me, my projects, or my desk. Please enjoy!

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